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Hello everyone Beavers!

Today I wanna talk to you about a project I discovered in a special manner. Y’know, I was exploring Twich searching for long-term Indieversus friends’ streams and I found Fabio Ramacci’s one… So between a live and another, a chitchat and a laugh I discovered that he was working on another Fried Comics (he previously worked on red Xmas last issue “silent but deadly night”) project: PBOW: World War Bitch #1, which is drawn by Fabio Ramacci (aka The Ramf) and colored by Ilaria Chiocca (aka Ila Plotto).


This is the sequel of the previous volume PBOW: Pregnant Bitches Of War which kicked off in 2013 and was brought to life thanks to a Kickstarter campaign and, of course, the artists’ work: character design and 1st issue were made by Dominike “Domo” Stanton, who’s currently one of the artists on DC Comics’ new Sandman series; the 2nd to 5th issues were drawn by Artist DJ Parnell aided by Ron Riley, Jared Lipscomb and Emily Elmer on colors, and Malena Molina inked issues 4-5. Charles Pritchett of AFTERSHOCK lettered Volume One. Many good names!

This first series is made of 5 issues (still available… later I’ll tell you where, don’t worry).


Okay I told you who is working on the new project and who worked on the old one but I bet you’re wandering: what’s this comic about?

Thanks to Clay Adams (the scriptwriter of this story and co-founder of Fried Comics) and his kindness, I’ll be able to explain you what all this is about!


In the first adventure, it happened that plucked from the time-stream by mad scientist Nikola Tesla, six pregnant women accidentally kill a young Hitler… and unleash a nightmare future! Now hunted by the Exalted Father, and with Tesla acting as Charlie to their Angels, they must save the world from a hell of their own creation... before their water breaks!


Now, in the new issue, the first of four that brings up a new adventure, has a crazier plot: the ladies are on the run from the Exalted Father, Tesla's android body has been destroyed, and now they are headed to Africa in search of Thomas Edison--the one man they believe can put Tesla back together and help them get home. But they didn’t count on meeting the Anti-B****es, or Gustave the ****-eating alligator, or... well, no spoilers.


[Warning: this comic contains a crazy mix of horror, sci-fi, grindhouse and dark humor. Reader discretion is advised.]


I think you’re thinking that all this mess is a craziness without end. Well, there’s some genius here, granted, and to better understand this project I’ll let Clay explain to you (with his own words because it’s a pity to change them) how all of this is born:


PBOW grew out of another project--a screenplay we later turned into a graphic novel--called DEADSKINS! It was the story of Custer's Last Stand, re-imagined as a zombie film (this was years before the current zombie craze.)  One of the subplots saw some evil soldiers rounding up all the women in order to “do their patriotic duty" and re-populate the world.

Near the end of the story, as the fort is overrun by zombies, our angry pregnant women get free and raided the armory, gleefully turning the guns on their redneck captors. Co-writer Alexandre O. Philippe and I loved this image so much, one of us (I don't remember who) said, "That should be our next project: Pregnant Bitches Of War."

We laughed (and laughed) at how stupid it sounded...

But then we thought: “Wait a minute. What if we could create a comic book as crazy as that title? And what if we could actually make it good?”

The result was PREGNANT BITCHES OF WAR, a series about six pregnant women trapped in a hell of their own making, fighting against a crazy, racist dictator who also just happens to be called The Exalted Father. If you want to get serious, it’s about how dangerous and scary the world is, and how navigating parenthood can be hard.


I have to say that after reading all of this I was thrilled. It may seem not, but I like this kind of crazy things (and not only love stories XD) and I thought to talk to you about this project, also because it shows another face of the same medal: the indie production in America. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?


Sooo… at this point I thought I was done, y’know? But I had to stop: I forgot Frieda, the mascot of this indie publisher. Big mistake, I grant you, very big mistake. Soooo… like this “gentle” woman “kindly” asked me, I have to tell you that there’ll be a comic about her at the end of this PBOW issue entitled decompressed, in which she will be punished by her bosses because of the big troubles she brings up -- Frieda are you sure you want people to know about this?


Okay, now I can say goodbye to you all guys without Frieda trying to bring supernatural trouble to me (I hope).


If you want to know more about PBOW, how to have it and how to participate the re-fried comics (open source comics with brand new lines) crowdsourcing for the plot you just have to click HERE



See you soon with brand new interviews!



Thank you very much to Clay Adams for all the information and the images of the comic.


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